About us

Redmond Capital is dedicated to real estate investment management, focusing on the creation of opportunities, active management of core assets and the definition of investment strategies for all types of income assets.

With an active local presence and international strategic partnerships, Redmond Capital benefits from the experience and knowledge of the regions in which it operates, relying on professionals with vast experience and capable of providing global investors with the necessary exposure to quality and high potential real estate investment opportunities.

Redmond Capital is a network of specialists in the relevant sectors, by partners and privileged relationships, which allow us to identify the best business opportunities for our clients.

Who we are

Our experienced team in the real estate and financial markets in Europe, Middle East, and Africa is prepared to react and deliver results in different environments and contexts, being able to act appropriately and with the approach, differentiated and adjusted to the objectives of our clients.

Our Values


Our company works with a sense of proximity, being present for the needs and attention that our customers expect from us.


The quality of our service delivery in time and form is structural to our relationship with our clients.


Empathy is the basis of our bond with who seek for our collaboration and support. We seek strong and reliable business relationships with our clients.


Redmond Capital acts in its business, and with its clients with the utmost respect, ethics, honesty, and strong moral principles.


We work and immerse ourselves in our clients' objectives and share their vision of each project.

Commitment to the client

We take on the challenges of our clients as our own and are dedicated to achieving their goals with loyalty and fidelity.